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Lexus SC430 features new AC system

MUSCAT — Among the exciting features in the Lexus SC430 luxury sports convertible is a newly-developed air-conditioning system that delivers ‘lap jets’ of cool or hot air to maintain uniform temperature — even in top-down mode.

Located on the sides of the centre console, the new ‘lap jet’ registers send a stream of cold air across the lap to eliminate warmth. That’s not all; when driving with the top-down in hot weather, the air-conditioning system automatically adjusts the temperature and force of airflow, in accordance with outside temperature and vehicle speed. In addition, the vehicle also provides right and left individual temperature control.

This system incorporates a set of sensors that detect outside temperature, inside temperature and sunlight volume to maintain individually set temperature preferences for driver and passenger alike. A special sensor also detects amount of exhaust fumes in the ambient air and automatically switches between vent and re-circulation modes as necessary. And when the top is up the system prevents exhaust fumes from entering the cabin.

“It’s difficult to imagine a cabin that feels just as cool and comfortable in covered and top-drawn mode. But that’s what we at Lexus aimed to accomplish. And it took intensive research to perfect it” says a Lexus spokesperson. “The aim had been to touch comfort levels unaccomplished in luxury sports convertibles ever before. The SC430’s new air-conditioning system has done just that,” he states.

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Lexus SC430 features new AC system
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