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2004 Lexus SC430

Slide behind the LS430's wood-rimmed wheel and there's no question
you're in the first-class section. Smooth leather and warm wood
line the country-club interior. The SC's press kit says the wood is
real, but Robin found it rather plasticky. The steering wheel and
seats are electrically adjustable and wood panels (motorized, of
course) slide down to cover the touch-screen satellite navigation
system and the stereo. Technically, the SC430 has a back seat,
though has little purpose except to lower the insurance rates. I'm
only 5'6", but with the driver's seat adjusted to my liking, my
5-year-old couldn't even squeeze in behind me. This is a two
seater, end-of-story. What sets the SC430 apart from most other
drop-tops is the solid metal roof, which folds down into the trunk.
The resulting cargo space doesn't appear to be very big, but we
were amazed at how much we could stuff back there. Robin and I are
used-book junkies, and the SC430's trunk swallowed a half-dozen
shopping bags full of books with room to spare. Speaking of spares,
that's a big part of the reason this particular SC430 had as much
trunk room as it did: No spare (tire, that is), thanks to optional
run-flat tires.

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2004 Lexus SC430
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