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Lexus SC430 News

Lexus SC430 features new AC system

...MUSCAT — Among the exciting features in the Lexus SC430 luxury sports convertible is a newly-developed air-conditioning system that delivers ‘lap jets’ of cool or hot air to maintain uniform temperature — even in top-down mode. Located on the sides of the centre console, the new...

Lexus SC430 posts victory in Super GT Championship

...MUSCAT — Lexus has continued its strong showing in the Japanese Super GT500 Championship, winning round three in Fuji Speedway, Japan. The Lexus Bandai Direzza SC430 pairing of Naoki Hattori and Peter Dumbreck took the chequered flag at the end of lap 110. Lexus has four SC430s in the GT500 series...

Refinements for Lexus SC430

...Lexus has announced changes for the 2006 SC 430. The main change is a new electronically controlled, six-speed automatic transmission, with optional override for manual gear selection. It is the unit already used in the Lexus LS and GS models and replaces the current five-speed gearbox. It...

2004 Lexus SC430

...Slide behind the LS430's wood-rimmed wheel and there's no question you're in the first-class section. Smooth leather and warm wood line the country-club interior. The SC's press kit says the wood is real, but Robin found it rather plasticky. The steering wheel and seats are electrically...

Lexus SC430 News
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